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Speaking Proudly

For 2023, the theme for the Metro Republican Women's speech competition for high school girls, Speaking Proudly, is "Securing the Blessings of Liberty in 21st Century America." All the girls chosen to compete will deliver their persuasive orations three times – including once in the historic House of Representatives Chamber. The top-rated finalists will present their speeches in the beautiful Capitol Rotunda and will vie for prizes of $2000, $1500, and $1000.

This is an excellent opportunity for high school girls to gain confidence in public speaking as they develop critical thinking and leadership skills.

In this workshop-type class, Victoria Sandberg, who has a wealth of real-world communications experience, will help girls write their speeches and practice their delivery. Whether they make the cut and are chosen to compete or not, they'll have fun and learn with a supportive mentor and like-minded peers. The Metro Republican Women's judges will notify applicants in April whether they've been accepted to compete. Those from MMA who wish to do so can continue with a follow-up session in April/May to further polish their orations. Details on that session will be posted later.

This class is perfect for any high school girl who wants to improve her communication and public speaking skills, whether or not she has taken previous speech classes.

Wednesday, 4th Period (2:00 – 3:30)