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Courses by Subject Area

We offer courses on an a la carte basis for students in seventh through twelfth grades. Sign up for just one, or make MMA classes the core of your student’s studies. It’s up to you!

Our classes meet once a week on either Mondays or Wednesdays from September through April. We offer everything from core academic classes like English, math, science, and social studies to enrichment classes like languages, art, and drama. This year we’ve added choir and band as well.

We’re the only place in the Twin Cities where homeschooled high schoolers can take classes like Graphic Design, Build Your Own Website, Intro to Real-World Programming, and Bookkeeping—classes that can help them launch a real-world career while still in high school. For students who don’t see college in their future—or for those who want a “side hustle” that can help them make money as they pursue their degree—these options can be the high point of high school.

Here’s a list of Mid-Metro Academy’s 2021-2022 classes organized by subject. Course descriptions are available on our Registration page, but this shows everything at a glance. The semester (F = Fall, S = Spring, Y = Year-long course), day (M, W), and period (1, 2, 3, 4) follow the class title and teacher name. Courses with an asterisk offer a remote attendance option.


  • Acting Techniques, Carla Barwineck, YM3
  • Acting towards a Performance, Carla Barwineck, YW2,3 FULL


  • Drawing, Sandy Adler, FM2
  • Mixed Media B, Sandy Adler, YM3
  • Oil Pastels, Sandy Adler, SM2
  • Culinary Arts, Sheila McAlpine, YM2 FULL
  • Photography 1, Tina Culbertson, FM4
  • Photography 2*, Tina Culbertson, SM4


  • Bookkeeping*, Chris Paschen, FW4
  • Build Your Own Website*, Chris Paschen, FW1
  • Entrepreneurship, Chris Paschen, SW4
  • Microsoft Office for Education & Business*, Chris Paschen, FW3


  • Communications 101, Myndi Lawrence, YW4
  • Podcasting & YouTubing*, Chris Paschen, SW3
  • Digital Literacy & Creative Problem Solving, Mikaela Swedlund, SW3


  • Build Your Own Website*, Chris Paschen, FW1
  • Designing Interiors, Cher Baumhoefner, FW3
  • Graphic Design, Miranda Brist and Lucas Brist, YW2


  • ACT Prep English/Reading*, Rebecca Hope, FW3
  • Book Club, Rosa Edholm, SM2
  • Creative Writing Workshop, Rebecca Hope, SW1
  • Read! Think! Write! Rebecca Hope, YM4
  • Writing with Confidence Intro Level, Rebecca Hope, YM1
  • Writing with Confidence Level 1, Rebecca Hope, YM2
  • Writing with Confidence Level 1, Rebecca Hope, YW2
  • Writing with Confidence Level 2, Rebecca Hope, YM3


  • Eat Well, Feel Great*, Madeline Evergreen, YW4


  • American Sign Language 1, Sheila McAlpine, YM1
  • American Sign Language 2, Sheila McAlpine, YM3
  • American Sign Language 3, Sheila McAlpine, YM4
  • French 1*, Ryan Thornton, YM2
  • French 2*, Ryan Thornton, YM1
  • Spanish 1, Ana Grace Plotts, YM1
  • Spanish 2, Ana Grace Plotts, YM2


  • ACT Review Math/Science, Leigh Delisi, FW2
  • ACT Review Math/Science, Leigh Delisi, SW2
  • Beginning Algebra, Leigh Delisi, YM4
  • Intermediate Algebra, Leigh Delisi, YM1
  • Advanced Algebra, Leigh Delisi, YM2
  • Geometry, Leigh Delisi, YM3
  • Geometry, Leigh Delisi, YW1


  • The Academy Chorale, Diane Ryden, YM4
  • Beginning Band, Chris Paschen, YM1
  • Concert Band, Chris Paschen, YM2
  • Jazz Band, Chris Paschen, YM5
  • Man Choir, Chris Paschen, YM4
  • Symphonic Band, Chris Paschen, YM3


  • Biology, Kay Kelly, YM1
  • Biology, Kay Kelly, YM2
  • Chemistry, Kay Kelly, YW1
  • General Science, Kay Kelly, YM3
  • Physical Science, Kay Kelly, YM4
  • SciGirls, Leslie Kleppe, FM4

Social Studies

  • American Government-For Real! Dave Racer, FM1 (8:30 start)
  • Contemporary Issues, Dave Racer, FM2
  • Geography, Miranda Brist, YM3
  • Student Senate, Dave Racer, SM1


  • Build Your Own Website*, Chris Paschen, FW1
  • Intro to Real-World Programming*, Chris Paschen, FW2
  • Microsoft Office for Education & Business*, Chris Paschen, FW3
  • Podcasting & YouTubing*, Chris Paschen, SW3
  • Programming for the Internet*, Chris Paschen, SW2

PSEO Program (Dual Enrollment for High School Juniors and Seniors)

Our unique PSEO partnership with North Central University uses cohort learning and meets on the MMA campus on Tuesdays. Three courses are offered each semester for a total of 18 credits over the two years of the program. Classes are fully seated (not hybrid). While we'd love for students to take the entire cohort, we also allow students to take just one or two classes at a time with us. Students must be accepted to the PSEO program at NCU to participate. 

  • Intro to Government, Dave Racer, FT1
  • Interpersonal Communications, Helen Keuning, FT2
  • Rhetoric & Research, Rebecca Hope, FT3
  • Macroeconomics, TBD, ST1
  • Intro to Psychology, TBD, ST2
  • American History 1, Rebecca Hope, ST3

It’s Quick and Easy to Join and Register!

Once you’ve joined and paid your family membership fee, you can register for classes and pay the teachers via PayPal.