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A Free Benefit for MMA Members

Welcome to the Parent Lounge!

This year, courtesy of Advent Lutheran Church, we’re happy to offer a Parent Lounge area where families can relax while their students attend classes.

Advent's pleasant Narthex area is free for members to use while their students are in classes or in study hall. Parents may bring one or two of their younger children with them (birth through sixth grade).

Please note that this area can't be used by MMA students as a study hall space. Students in grades 6-12 must be in class or in study hall while on campus.

We're happy to provide this extra benefit to you because we appreciate you! We want to make taking Mid-Metro Academy classes more convenient for you. Using the lounge may allow you to enroll your student for a full day--or both Monday and Friday. We'd love that! 

It can cut your driving time and expense in half since you won't have to drop off your student, drive home, and drive back again. 

What can you do in the Parent Lounge?

  • help yourself to complimentary coffee or tea
  • catch up on emails and computer work
  • read a book
  • prepare the classes you teach
  • work with one of your younger students on their schoolwork
  • relax
  • socialize

We're pleased to be able to offer this service to our families--so we can make your life a little easier.

The Parent Lounge Is Waiting for You!