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About Mid-Metro Academy

Our Purpose

Mid-Metro Academy exists to provide support to homeschooling families by offering a variety of academic, arts, and career-oriented classes. Classes are taught from a foundation of Christian values by instructors who are qualified in their respective fields and are passionate about helping youth achieve their highest potential. Classes are open to homeschooled students in grades 5 - 12 whose families have joined Mid-Metro Academy as members.

Our classes meet on Mondays and Fridays for fifteen weeks in the fall/winter and fifteen weeks in the winter/spring. Families choose the class or classes that will help them meet their educational goals for their students. We provide a positive, supportive environment while delivering instruction that homeschooling parents may not feel prepared to provide personally to their students. 

Our Approach to Learning

We're committed to a dynamic, interactive, face-to-face learning environment. We understand that students learn by doing and by interacting with each other, not via lectures that attempt to "download" from a teacher's brain to theirs. Our classes prepare students for success in life and in the 21st-century marketplace by enhancing their problem-solving, communication, and teamwork skills. Homeschoolers have always been innovators, and so are we. Our Friday Career & Enrichment classes for high school students use the STEAM approach (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math) to help give students a competitive edge as employees and/or entrepreneurs. Our Monday classes cover all the important bases for secondary school education; many offer a flipped-classroom style that allows students to access course content at home and engage in collaborative learning on campus.

Our Values

Following the Golden Rule given by Jesus, we treat others with kindness and respect. We appreciate the unique, God-given gifts, talents, personalities, and aptitudes of ourselves and others. We provide positive reinforcement, praise, and encouragement freely. We promote critical thinking skills and understanding the “why” behind our actions, thoughts, behaviors, and attitudes. We acknowledge that no single person gets it right every time; there is always room for improvement, and mistakes can be the catalyst for discovery, deeper relationships, and personal growth. Every person has treasure within; positive learning environments and supportive relationships help draw that treasure out. We want to be part of that process.

Our Structure

Mid-Metro Academy is a nonprofit educational organization (IRS 501(c)(3) status pending) that enables qualified teachers to provide selected academic and enrichment classes to member families. Upon paying an annual membership fee, families can register their students in grades 5–12 for the classes that meet the educational goals of their own homeschool. Families pay tuition directly to the instructors via PayPal. Mid-Metro Academy is not a school and does not keep transcripts or submit reports to the school district superintendent or the State of Minnesota. Member families are responsible for those functions under Minnesota homeschool statutes.

Our Location

We meet at Advent Lutheran Church at 3000 Hamline Ave N, in Roseville (1 mile east of Northwestern University). The facility offers spacious, well-lit classrooms all on one level. The quiet neighborhood is filled with single family homes and several parks. Parents can easily drop off and pick up their students using the spacious parking lot right next to the building.