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What Is a Homeschool Academy?

What is a homeschool academy?

Homeschool academies offer classes, usually on an a la carte basis, to students who are homeschooled. The classes usually meet once a week. Students access additional resources provided by the teacher and work on assignments at home on days they don’t attend class.

Are homeschool academies schools?

They aren’t schools because they don’t retain student records or report to the state government as schools do. They connect teachers with parents and allow parents to outsource certain activities of the homeschool. Officially, the “school” the student attends is the home school even if he or she takes a full schedule of academy classes.

What classes can students take?

Mid-Metro Academy offers all the core academic subjects for junior high and high school: math, science, English, social studies, and languages. We also have classes in visual arts, drama, music, dance, design, technology, business, study skills, and personal development.

How many classes should a student take?

It’s completely up to you. If you’re comfortable teaching most subjects to your student but need help with one or two (such as English and math), then your student can take just one or two classes per semester. If you want to outsource more of the teaching to professional teachers and/or want your student to have more social learning experiences, you can build your student’s entire schedule around our classes. In that case, your student might take 5 – 7 classes each semester and attend two days per week.

How much is tuition?

Your student can take a full schedule of classes for a fraction of what you’d spend at a private school. Private high school tuition is about $13,000 per year, but six classes per year at Mid-Metro Academy costs under $3,500. Tuition varies by class.