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Planning for High School and Beyond

If you missed our free Planning for High School and Beyond workshop, no worries! Executive Director Rebecca Hope recorded five video segments covering the workshop's content. View them at your convenience!

Part I: Benefits of Homeschooling through High School

Part II: Yes, You Can Homeschool through High School: Let Us Show You How!

Part III: The Big Picture: College, Careers, and Trades

Part IV: Paying for College: Credit by Exam, Post-Secondary Enrollment Options (PSEO), Free College, Scholarships, and Side Hustles

Part V: Preparing the Four-Year Pland and the High School Transcript

Here's a brief recap of the important points:

Homeschooling through high school gives your student a wide range of opportunities that may not be available to others. Mid-Metro Academy is here to help students pursue their unique goals and passions during and after high school.

Along with the opportunities of homeschooling come challenges. As a parent, you must make sure your students take the necessary courses so their diplomas are as meaningful as any other high school diploma. You need to prepare a high school transcript that colleges or other institutions will accept and that accurately reflects what your student has achieved through home, classroom, and other learning experiences.

Let us help you! Our site links you with helpful resources--like this fillable transcript template courtesy of HSLDA. If you want one-on-one assistance, consider using the consulting services of veteran homeschooler Lisa Paschen. She can work with you to develop a four-year high school plan that takes into account your student's unique interests and goals. And she'll walk you through the ins and outs of transcripts.

Create Your Four-Year Plan

Design your student's ideal high school experience at Mid-Metro Academy. Begin by creating a four-year plan for your student. Use our helpful template. Remember, you set the graduation requirements for your own homeschool. However, most homeschooling families want to take into account the graduation requirements established by the Minnesota Department of Education.

Career & Business Classes for Secondary Students

High school shouldn't be one-size-fits-all. Your student can explore career options, learn a technical skill, and even start a business while still in high school. We have plenty of courses to meet a variety of interests and aptitudes. 

College and/or Alternatives

Going straight from high school to college isn't necessarily the best option for everyone. Trade schools, certificate programs, international experiences, internships, and taking a gap year are all legitimate options and should be taken into consideration when developing your four-year plan.