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Gap Year Eligible Courses

Classes Eligible for Gap-Year Enrollment

The following classes are open to students in “grade 13,” that is, students who have graduated in spring 2022. Students who are taking a year off before starting college or who are trying to decide which career or educational path to take are welcome to take specific classes at Mid-Metro Academy. The following classes can help students test the waters, learn a skill, or develop a side-hustle.

· Bookkeeping 101

· Bookkeeping 102

· Build Your Own Website

· Crafting for Fun & Profit

· Creative Writing Workshop

· Design: Interiors

· Graphic Design

· Memory & Magic

· Online Media Production & Management

· Photography 1

· Photography 2

· Stained Glass Creations

· Start Your Own Business

· Student Senate (if taken previously)

· Swing Dancing: East Coast Swing

· Swing Dancing: West Coast Swing


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