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What our members are saying about Mid-Metro Academy...

Students learn science through teacher-led labs and hands-on projects at MMA.

Mid-Metro Academy is here to help you homeschool your student in seventh to twelfth grade successfully. Here's what some of our members are saying:

The in person teaching and developing relationships with peers/friends during this time (Covid) was very important to us and ended up being absolutely fantastic.

The teachers are so enthusiastic about their subject and we have loved that the science classes do experiments/dissections that I wouldn’t do at home. I appreciate their expertise in subjects that I would only be able to cover lightly.

I know that this sounds odd, but EVERY teacher stood out. Yes, all of them. They all had the expertise to teach their subject extremely well and the passion and knowledge of how to communicate effectively with children this age.

The drawing classes and acting classes allowed us to step away from worksheets and tests and problems and really learn some valuable lessons using a different approach. And it was awesome to be able to take part in a live computer course to learn programming (Python) at this age.

Student Senate ... was so unique in the fact that the students actually role play different Senate roles and find actual witnesses for their committees and eventually go down to the capitol to role play their committee presentations.

Biology and Chem  [helped] my daughter [become] so strong in science heading to college.  She used to hate math and is so confident in it now.

I was happily surprised when I found out the curriculum they were using was exactly what we wanted. Taking the classes we did allowed me the time to fill in the rest with the subjects that I really enjoy teaching like history, religion, music, geography, grammar, and fun field trips and hands on experiences.

It was very important for our family to find a Co-op that was not afraid to teach in person classes that the students could be mask free. We also find it very important that there is no agenda to indoctrinate our kids with woke ideology that is so prevalent in today’s society. The location and the variety of classes work very well for our family.

What they're saying about Mid-Metro Academy teachers who meant a lot to their family:

Leigh Delisi - quality of course, her compassion and relationships with students.

Mr. Pachen ... is very knowledgeable in the subjects that he teaches, and he has really motivated my son to go above and beyond in his classes.

Kay Kelly [is] very excited about what she teaches, very available, and friendly to the students.

Mrs. Adler = excellence!

Both Mrs. Kelly and Ms. Hope ... love their field, and they [are] competent teachers,  understanding students well.

Ms. Hope - student loved the teaching style ( playing games to make the class fun).

They were available during the week if there were problems and willing to work with the child when difficulties arose. They really want each child to learn and succeed and it shows.

Sheila McAlpine is a phenomenal teacher. Takes the kids seriously and teaches!

Mrs. Delisi and Ms. Hope ... were able to break down complicated topics into manageable pieces.

We love our families and appreciate those kind words!