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About Mid-Metro Academy’s Career Project and Portfolio Track

At Mid-Metro Academy, we’re here to support families who are homeschooling their secondary school students. Like you, we understand that not all students are wired the same. 

  • Some are academically oriented, and they’re well-suited to getting a head start on college by enrolling in PSEO

  • Other students may not be ready to start college in high school, and still others may not see college in their futures at all. 

  • Some curious and motivated ninth and tenth graders are fascinated by technology, entrepreneurship, or exploring career options.

We want to provide meaningful high school classes for all these types of students. 

Differentiation is a term you’ll often hear from us. Although you may not be familiar with the word, you’ve practiced the concept. It may be the reason you chose to homeschool in the first place. Differentiation refers to tailoring students’ education to the different ways they learn and to their varying strengths and weaknesses.

Some students take to math or writing naturally, while others have math or writing anxiety. Some students have documented or suspected learning disabilities, such as ADHD, dysgraphia, or reading difficulties. Others struggle with various types of anxiety. Some pick up facts and ideas easily through reading or listening, while others thrive in more interactive environments. 

While differentiation is an important concept in homeschooling and at Mid-Metro Academy, it’s a driving force behind our desire to offer a track of courses that are designed for either less academically inclined students or students who want to get a jump on the 21st-century career marketplace. 

Our courses will include Web Development, Graphic Design, Social Media/Marketing, Financial Literacy, Digital Writing and Publishing, Improvisation for Leadership, Communicating for Careers, and more. These classes are offered on Wednesdays separately from our core courses and our PSEO program so that students can take classes on Mondays or Tuesdays and still take advantage of one or more Career Track class.

Ninth and tenth graders can get started on Career Track classes while taking other high school courses. Juniors and seniors who aren’t taking PSEO can take these courses whether or not they intend to go to college eventually. And students who are taking PSEO with Mid-Metro Academy or elsewhere can add one or more of these courses in addition to their college courses. 

Career Track classes offer project-based learning. Students will complete a final project that will become part of their e-portfolio, which they can use to market themselves to future employers or clients. 

Find descriptions of all Career Track classes under Class Schedule > Wednesday.