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Why Include Career-Oriented Classes in Your High School Program?

When you homeschool your high school students, education doesn’t have to be—and shouldn’t be—one-size-fits-all. Career-oriented classes at MMA help students sample careers and prepare for adult life while developing their unique skill sets.

All high school students, whether they’re headed for college or not, can benefit from taking classes designed to help them get hired and/or participate in the “gig economy.” Mid-Metro Academy has put together several “tracks” of classes with this in mind.


Bookkeeping is a great part-time job. After Bookkeeping students will have enough knowledge to offer their services to small businesses as employees or independent contractors.

Suggested classes: Bookkeeping, Office Software, Communications, Personal Finance, Graphic Design


Students who love crafting and want to sell their creations at craft fairs and online can earn a nice side income while doing what they love.

Suggested classes: Craft Exploration, Graphic Design, Communications, Photography, Office Software, Personal Finance


Whether as a long-term career or a lucrative side-hustle to help fund a college education, programming provides students with many options.

Suggested classes: Introduction to Programming & Electronics, Real-World Programming, Office Software, Communications, Graphic Design, Personal Finance

Web-Based Services

It’s a digital world now, and tapping into the online marketplace lets even young people snag good-paying gigs without ever leaving the comfort of home.

Suggested classes: Introduction to Programming & Electronics, Tech Readiness, Real-World Programming, Office Software, Photography, Graphic Design, Communications

Graphic Design

Students with a good eye and creative flair can turn those talents into dollars through graphic design—making marketing and communications materials for paying clients.

Suggested classes: Graphic Design, Photography, Communications, Creative Writing Workshop, Personal Finance, Origami & You, ACT Prep: Reading/English

Party Entertainment

Earn in one hour what you can make in 10 hours of babysitting—without changing diapers! Become a birthday party magician! After taking Memory & Magic, students will know enough tricks to entertain kids at children’s parties. They’ll be able to launch a part-time business that will bring others joy while they earn an impressive hourly rate.

Suggested classes: Memory & Magic, Photography, Graphic Design, Tech Readiness, Office Software, Communications, Intro to Acting, Acting Techniques

Questions about career-oriented classes? Email [email protected].