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Mid-Metro Academy offers academic, drama, art, language, and career track classes from a foundation of Christian values to homeschooled students in grades 7 – 12, preparing them for success in undergraduate programs and careers. Courses are taught by highly qualified, personable instructors who have a passion for their field and for working with youth.

Mid-Metro Academy partners with North Central University to provide a unique PSEO program designed with homeschoolers in mind. This new approach to PSEO maintains the high school experience while offering college-ready juniors and seniors a rigorous and intellectually stimulating yet supportive environment in which to earn college credit while still in high school.   

Class Registration is Open!

Class Registration is now OPEN! Make sure your membership is paid, then follow the instructions to Register for Classes in Six Easy Steps. If you're not yet a member of Mid-Metro Academy, click on the "Join" button on the Upper Menu Bar to register. Once you have been accepted as a member and paid your membership fee, you will be able to register for classes!

We have many resources to help you choose classes for the coming year. Course descriptions are posted on the Class Schedule page; just click on the name of the class, and the description will drop down. You can view short videos about most classes on our Videos page.

On that page, you can also view the videos of our recent Zoom events: "Closing the Skills Gap: PSEO at Mid-Metro Academy" and "STEAM, not STEM: Career Track Classes at Mid-Metro Academy."

Our instructors are happy to respond to individual questions. Members can contact them at their own email addresses, which you can find by clicking their names on our Instructors page.

We understand life is crazy right now.

But we have some good news! Your fall registration payment is not due until August 7th! That means you can register your student for classes NOW, and have peace of mind that your fall plans are in place, but don't have to worry about paying today. Your $60 Membership fee is the only payment needed to begin registering for classes right now!

Mid-Metro Academy's registration process also allows you to make several smaller payments before the August 7th deadline if that is more your style.

Any questions about the registration process can be directed to our Program Administrator Lindsay Brist at help@midmetroacademy.com.

Coming Events

September 8 - Tuesday
September 9 - Wednesday
September 14 - Monday


Learn about Mid-Metro Academy's response to the pandemic on our FAQ page.