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Can Sixth-Graders Take Classes at Mid-Metro Academy?

Do you have a sixth-grade student who is chomping at the bit to take classes outside your home?

Would your life be easier if your sixth-grader could be enrolled in a class at MMA at the same time as your older student?

Do you want to ease your older elementary student into the academy environment?


Some MMA Courses Welcome Sixth-Graders

Although we officially serve students in grades 7 to 12, sixth-graders may take certain classes with the permission of the instructor.

For 2022-2023, the following classes accept sixth-graders (day and period follow course title).

  • Acting: Improv (W3): This class is a great way for young students to build confidence in social settings as they learn to think and speak on their feet. Mr. Brist, who began acting at a young age, creates a fun, low-anxiety environment. As he says, the class helps bridge the gap between "Social Anxiety 101" and beginning acting classes.
  • Art: Drawing, Oil Pastels, and Mixed Media (M2 and M3): Mrs. Adler welcomes sixth-graders who want to practice and improve their artistic skills.
  • Culinary Arts (M3 and M4): A few spots remain in Mrs. McAlpine’s classes. Younger students enjoy cooking and have a lot of fun in this class. They’ll become great assets to their families after taking this class!
  • Group Guitar Lesson (W1): What a great way for your sixth-grader to develop his or her musical abilities! The group lesson format is cheaper than individual lessons, plus it’s a fun way for students to learn to play music with others. They’ll still receive individual attention from the instructor, Mr. Depoian.
  • Intro to Computer Technology (M2): If your sixth-grader is hooked on computers already and can’t wait to learn more about them, he or she is welcome in this class that teaches computer basics for school and personal use. Mr. Paschen advises parents not to push this class on kids, but if they’re motivated, they can do well in this course.
  • Language Arts Skills Workshop (W2): This course is specifically designed for sixth- or seventh-grade students who need extra help with reading comprehension, reading fluency, spelling, and writing. Mrs. Hope will provide one-on-one instruction to the students enrolled in this group tutoring session. Class size is limited, so sign up soon!
  • Lego Engineering (M4): Sixth-grade boys will love this course taught by Mrs. Jorgensen. Of course, sixth-grade girls are welcome, too! It meets only during the spring semester.
  • Percussion Ensemble/Drum Line (M5): Does your sixth-grader have rhythm? Let him or her develop that skill with some new friends under Mr. Paschen’s instruction. This unique class needs a few more participants to run. It’s inexpensive (check out the reduced tuition) and convenient. It meets for an hour at the end of the day on Mondays.
  • Sci Girls (M4): This course, led by Mrs. Kleppe, is perfect for middle-school girls. It meets only during the fall semester.
  • Stained Glass Creations (W4): Mrs. Gordhamer has taught K-8 art for years, and she’d love to have your sixth-grader learn about crafting with stained glass. Sign up your student or sign up yourself and your student. Parents are welcome, too! This class needs six more students to run for the year, so register now, but don’t pay until you hear that the class is a go.
  • Writing with Confidence Intro Level (M1): Mrs. Hope will accept sixth-graders who love writing and are already good at composing paragraphs. Please contact her at [email protected] before enrolling your sixth-grader.

To learn more about these classes and to register, visit the Class Registration page. Full-year and fall semester classes begin on September 7 and September 12, 2022.