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How To Register for Classes in Six Easy Steps!

Note: Mid-Metro Academy has one primary registration time for the entire year. Please register for full-year, Fall, and Spring classes at the same time--before Fall classes begin. The tuition shown is the full tuition for the class. Full-year classes show the total tuition for both semesters, but you may pay the tuition in two installments (see below).

1. Log in to the website with your credentials. Make sure your Mid-Metro Account is up-to-date and your balance is zero. Double-check your family profile and make sure you have updated your students' grades to the grade they will be going into this fall--Fall 2023. YOU MUST BE LOGGED IN TO REGISTER.

2. Click the [LINK NOT AVAILABLE YET--COMING SOON!] tab on the main menu bar above.

3. Find the class you want on the schedule and click the class title.

4. Tick the box under the Register button next to the name of the student you want to add to the class.

5. Select Register, and a pop-up message will confirm that your student is successfully registered!

6. To pay, go to the upper menu bar and click on Balance. (If it shows $0.00, refresh the page).

  • You can choose to either pay for the whole year all at once or pay in two installments (full-year classes only). The first half of the year’s tuition is due 8/13/2023 and the second half is due 1/5/2024. 
  • For Fall single-semester classes, the full tuition is due 8/13/2023. For Spring single-semester classes, the full tuition is due 1/5/2024.

To see which classes you have enrolled your students in, select Manage Class Registrations (located right above the 4th Period heading on the schedule). If you registered for a class accidentally, you can remove your student from a class on this page.

Email [email protected] if you need additional assistance while registering!