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In today's world, it is easy to come across people with a variety of different viewpoints on nearly any issue. Even within a single community or church, there is often division that can sometimes lead to conflict. This class will explore a variety of current issues from different viewpoints. Instructor Rebekah Jorgensen will provide opportunities for students to point the class toward the issues they wish to address and points of view they wish to explore. The course will allow students to learn about the different worldviews and belief systems that shape communities, whether secular or religious.

Important note: Because this class will be exploring issues from differing points of view, there will be times that students are exposed to thoughts and opinions that are not necessarily Christian in nature. The goal of this class is to equip students to explore and respond to different worldviews in a respectful and informed manner, and as a result, that means that they will need to hear secular and non-Christian voices and views as well. Recognizing that even Christian families have different beliefs about different issues, every effort will be made to encourage respectful and informed dialogue while still remaining true to personal values. 

Wednesday, 4th Period (2:00 – 3:30)