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We the People: U.S. Constitution

According to a 2022 national civics survey, fewer than half of American adults can name all three branches of government, and about one-quarter couldn't name a single right guaranteed by the Constitution. Young people who don't know their rights will be unlikely to cherish, defend, or exercise them. 

In this course, America's Civics Teacher, Dave Racer, will present an in-depth yet broad understanding of the U.S. Constitution of 1787. The student will be able to 1) have a clear grasp of the provisions, terms, clauses, and principles of the Constitution and 2) learn contemporary applications of Constitutional provisions in the context of current events and court rulings.

The course has five academic goals.

  1. To provide a historical and foundational point of view upon which the Founders wrote the Constitution.
  2. To provide in-depth knowledge of the clauses and provisions of the U.S. Constitution as originally intended by the Founding Fathers.
  3. To provide a framework of understanding about how the Constitution has evolved over time.
  4. To find and apply the Constitution to various court cases, both historical and pending.
  5. To identify how the Constitution continues to provide order for society and protections for individuals.

There is no prerequisite for this class, but it's an excellent follow-up course for American Government: For Real! and Topics in American History, which were offered in the fall. 

Wednesday, 2nd Period (10:30 – 12:00)