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Creative Writing Workshop

Do you love to write stories, poetry, or humor?

Do you love playing with words and sentences to create a scene, stir an emotion, or bring a smile to someone's face?

This is a workshop-style class that will help you develop your craft as a writer. Each week you'll engage in fun creativity-building activities and learn a new tool to help your writing come alive. You'll draft, revise, and polish at least two literary pieces. You'll give and receive feedback from the other writers in the class and from your teacher, Rebecca May Hope, who is an award-winning author herself. Best of all, you'll work together with your fellow writers to create MMA's own online literary magazine, which will showcase your work--so you'll experience the special thrill of having your work published. Aspiring authors in seventh through twelfth grades are welcome to join this class. 

Parents: You decide whether to grant high school credit (1/2 credit in English or Fine Arts) for this course or count it as an extracurricular activity (Student Literary Magazine). Your student's workload would vary accordingly. Only two finished pieces are required, but students can complete more if desired. 

Wednesday, 1st Period (9:00 – 10:30)