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Kathleen Sheridan To All Instructors

Kathleen is a former Spanish teacher who decided to stop filing and correcting papers and start folding them! She has loved origami since she was introduced to it back in 4th grade in Eau Claire, WI.  With 18 years teaching experience in public and private schools, Kathleen still loves to teach! She teaches origami to students ages 7 to 87.  She has taught at libraries, after school clubs, birthday parties, conferences, festivals and special events.  Since 2020, Kathleen is teaching origami for corporate team building events often online. She is the owner and sole employee of Origami and You.   She strives to bring a connection between herself, her students and origami. Kathleen has been a board member of Origami USA and enjoys planning and facilitating origami activities such as World Origami Days, Origami Connect, the Origami Marathon.

Current Classes
Craft Exploration - FALL – (open)
Origami and You - FALL – (open)
Math with Origami - SPRING – (open)