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Suzann Beck To All Instructors

Suzann Beck is an award-winning commissioned portrait artist working in oil and pastel. She has won multiple ribbons in local art competitions including the Minnesota State Fair, placed in national competitions, and has been published in Artists Magazine. A sought-after portraiture instructor, Suzann has the unique ability to capture the essence and spirit of a subject and combine it with masterful likeness. Her inspiration comes from the works of the Old Masters, and she is particularly influenced by the Russian painters of the 19th century. Intrigued and motivated by the depth and craft of masterworks hundreds of years old, Suzann works to understand classical methods and disciplines and leverage them with contemporary practices and sensibilities, and in turn, pass what she has learned on to her students.


Suzann holds a Bachelors of Fine Arts degree from Moorhead State University, Moorhead MN, and has studied portraiture with Minnesota artists Judith Anthony and Jeffery Hurinenko, and figure drawing with Michael Mentler, Dallas, Texas. Suzann also serves as the Minnesota Ambassador for the Portrait Society of America.

Current Classes
Art: Drawing Realistic Faces - FALL – Instructor (open)
Art: Portraits in Pastel Pencil - SPRING – (open)