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Victoria Sandberg To All Instructors

Victoria Sandberg never stops learning! Her academic journey includes a Ph.D. in Biochemistry, a J.D. (law) and a B.A. in Geography, all from the University of Minnesota, after starting out as a math major. Most recently she has been teaching Human Biology and Environmental Biology at Normandale Community College. Prior to that she had a two-decade career as a biotechnology patent lawyer during which she also found time to teach Biology, Chemistry, Advanced English Composition, and Economics at a local private high school educating mainly international students. While there she obtained certification in Teaching English as a Foreign Language. Her family was blessed and enriched by hosting foreign exchange students from Germany, China, Korea, and Ecuador. Ms. Sandberg has two adult children, both boys, whom she homeschooled through their middle school years prior to enrolling them in the international high school. The world is a big, beautiful place! Ms. Sandberg brings her sense of awe and wonder to her classroom.

Current Classes
Economics - FALL – (open)
Personal Finance - Fall – Instructor (open)
Personal Finance - SPRING – Instructor (open)
Economics - Spring – (open)