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Mr. Chris Paschen To All Instructors

Mr. Chris Paschen has been engaged in communications technologies for over 30 years and has been leading and teaching high school students in many areas for longer than that. For over 15 years he has been involved specifically in online communications, with a special focus on internet communications and web development. He has worked on many website projects for Fortune 1000 companies and large non-profits but specializes in small- to medium-sized for-profit and not-for-profit organizations.

Mr. Paschen began teaching computer technology over 20 years ago at the college level and has continued teaching and coaching high school students as well as business professionals. In addition to working with online communications technologies, he has experience in print publishing, music composition and conducting, radio broadcast, and full-time ministry.

Email: [email protected]

Current Classes
Build Your Own Website - FALL – Instructor (closed)
Start Your Own Business – Instructor (closed)
Bookkeeping 101 - FALL – Instructor (closed)
Intro to Computer Technology – Instructor (closed)
Percussion Ensemble/Drumline – (closed)
Online Media Creation & Management - SPRING – Instructor (closed)
Bookkeeping 102 - SPRING – Instructor (closed)
Basic Computer Skills Workshop 8/14 & 8/21 – (open)
Bookkeeping for Adults - FALL – (open)
Career Exploration - FALL – (open)
Entrepreneurship - FALL – (open)
Web Development - FALL – Instructor (open)
Bookkeeping – Instructor (open)
Intro to Computer Technology – Instructor (open)
Percussion Ensemble/Drumline – (open)
Real-World Programming – (open)
Tech Readiness - FALL – Instructor (open)
Online Media Production - SPRING – (open)
Start Your Own Business - SPRING – Instructor (open)
Web Design - SPRING – (open)
Tech Readiness for Adults - SPRING – (open)