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Kay Kelly To All Instructors

Kay Kelly holds a B.S. in Biology and Bible with a minor in Psychology from Northwestern College, St. Paul. While at Northwestern, Mrs. Kelly participated in a cellular biology research group that gave her experience in experimental design and a variety of lab procedures. She taught at YEAH Academy from 2007-2020. In her classes Mrs. Kelly strives to give students an opportunity to witness and be in awe of the intricacies and complexities of Creation as clearly and enthusiastically presents course material through discussion and related experimental activities. Mrs. Kelly is active in the children’s ministry at her church and is raising up four young children of her own.

E-mail: [email protected]

Current Classes
Biology – Instructor (open)
Chemistry - (8:30 start) – Instructor (open)
General Science – Instructor (open)
Physical Science – Instructor (open)
Health & Nutrition – (open)
Minnesota Geo – (open)