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Rebecca Hope To All Instructors

Rebecca Hope teaches Writing with Confidence Levels Half, 1, and 2; Creative Writing Workshop; ACT Prep English/Reading; and Read! Think! Write! For the PSEO program, she teaches Rhetoric and Research, British Literature 2, and Film Appreciation. Rebecca homeschooled her five children and taught at homeschool groups and at YEAH Academy during those years. She also teaches as an adjunct English professor at the University of Northwestern--St. Paul and has taught for Crown University (online). She is an award-winning published author and has edited fiction and non-fiction books. 

E-mail: [email protected]

Current Classes
Language Arts Skills Workshop - FALL – Instructor (open)
Language Arts Skills Workshop - SPRING – Instructor (open)
Read! Think! Write! – Instructor (open)
Writing With Confidence 1 – Instructor (open)
Writing With Confidence 2 – Instructor (open)
Writing with Confidence: Intro Level – Instructor (open)
ACT Prep: English/Reading - FALL – Instructor (open)
Creative Writing Workshop - SPRING – Instructor (open)
PreACT Test, Thurs., 3/2/23, 8:45 a.m. – (open)