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Krista Haskins To All Instructors

Krista’s interest in health and wellness was ignited after a week-long hospital stint at age 25 that took her gallbladder and did not improve her health issues, but rather exacerbated them. When the traditional medical model failed, she sought alternative and natural health care options to regain health. She has since become a certified Holistic Kinesiologist through The Kinesiology Institute (CA) and runs her own clinic in Blaine where she helps clients solve their health challenges. She regularly teaches clients in one-on-one appointments, teaches group seminars on health topics and also has 19 years experience teaching in the partnered dance realm. Krista is also a Bethel University grad where she got a BA in Media Writing with a minor in Small Business Management. 

Krista’s clinic website is www.intuitivemamawellness.com

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