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Rebekah Jorgensen To All Instructors

Bekah graduated from Concordia Moorhead with a BA in German and also completed her Master's in Education - Teaching and Learning. She enjoys variety, and currently works as a church organist, curriculum writer, and co-op teacher, in addition to running a part-time music studio. Her husband does photography and is a system administrator, and along with their two kids they love to travel and play games of all kinds. She has a special interest in connecting curriculum to other subjects and to real-life, practical uses; and working with students for whom traditional education models aren't always successful.

Current Classes
Personal Finance – (closed)
Lego Engineering - SPRING – Instructor (closed)
Worldviews - SPRING – Instructor (closed)
ACT Prep Math/Science Mini-Session – Instructor (open)
Acting Techniques – (open)
Eat Well, Feel Great - FALL – (open)
Worldviews - FALL – Instructor (open)
Teamwork & Leadership - SPRING – (open)
Wellness for Life - SPRING – (open)