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Ms. Allison Million To All Instructors

I'm Allison! I've been a photographer since 2008 with experience in over 300 weddings, hundreds of portraits and family photo sessions, and years' worth of event photography. I have a BFA in Photography from The Art Institutes International MN. I have worked with many different types of photographers in the past 18 years of my photography career.

I started as a portrait photographer for a few different studios across the Twin Cities, but my passion for capturing people in their element is what led me to the wedding industry.

My approach to photography is not only technical, but I also love the emotion behind photographs. I’m hands-on and instructive during all of my sessions, which carries over to the classroom. I homeschool my four- and six-year-olds with a play-based learning approach and try to be their guide by asking them questions to encourage them to problem-solve. I bring this style of guiding to the classroom to help develop the skills behind the camera for all students. 

Current Classes
Photography 1 - FALL – Instructor (open)