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Mikaela Swedlund To All Instructors

Mikaela was home-educated through high school and is thankful to her parents for choosing to provide her with a multitude of personalized and diverse learning experiences. Since graduation from high school, she has lived, studied, and worked in Germany, Costa Rica, and South Korea. She currently lives in South Africa with her husband and two young daughters but is planning to move back to Minnesota very soon. Armed with an undergraduate degree in the social sciences from Metropolitan University, St. Paul, MN, Mikaela became a certified teacher after having completed a program that emphasized instructional design and educational technologies. Over the past fourteen years, Mikaela has developed and honed her skillset through her academic interests, living and teaching abroad, and assisting students, both gifted and those with disabilities. Recently, she received her Master’s degree in Library and Information Science, with an emphasis in School Media Librarianship, from the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, WI. The program is certified by the American Library Association. Mikaela is grateful for the opportunity to blend her background in educational technology, 21st-century skill development, instructional design, and information literacy to support Mid-Metro students and instructors in their creative and academic pursuits.

Current Classes
Study Skills for the 21st Century - FALL – Instructor (open)
Topics in American History – Instructor (cancelled)