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Helen Keuning To All Instructors

Helen is an only child who was raised by first-generation immigrants to the USA from China.  Someone cared enough to introduce her to Christ and bring her to church when she was in elementary school.  She graduated from Trinity College in Deerfield, IL, with a Master’s Degree in Christian Thought. After completing law school, she worked for almost seven years as an attorney in both a private law firm and in the public sector. Thirteen years ago, Helen became a stay-at-home mom to four children. She has homeschooled pre-K through 8th Grade, but her passion has been helping teens and young-adults discover who God designed them to be and empowering them to pursue those areas that use their strengths and bring them delight!  She loves drinking hot tea with milk and sugar first thing in the morning, walking around Lake of the Isles, and planning vacations.  She is a Type 2 Helper (Enneagram) and ENFJ (“Teacher” or “Mentor” in Myers-Briggs Temperament).  Her strengths (StrengthsFinder) are:  (1) Communication; (2) Strategic Thinking; (3) Individualization; (4) Input; and (5) Learner. Professor Keuning teaches Interpersonal Communications and Visions of the Good: Ethics and Worldview in Mid-Metro Academy's PSEO program.

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